Saturday, May 31, 2008

to form into a mosaic pattern.

like millions upon millions of other people on the planet, i have decided to start a blog. i would call it an mp3 blog, but apparently Blogger, Wordpress, and the like don't allow you to upload mp3s to your site (although it appears I can add videos... strange). the other reason i'm not calling it an mp3 blog is because i want to use it to ramble about art, ugly federal buildings, and the more sublimely odd moments of life in washington, dc (full disclosure: i live in arlington. -2 indie cred points).

here are some songs i can't stop playing, both on my iPod and in my head:

tokyo police club - tessellate.
meligrove band - our love will make the world go 'round.
foals - red sox pugie.

i didn't pick up Tokyo Police Club's latest album, Elephant Shell, until the night i saw them at the black cat, so i didn't know "Tessellate," which is a bit of a shame (i also didn't know what "tessellate" meant -- check the title of this post for the answer. context clues kinda gave it away, but i had to know for sure). anyway, i think TPC were too busy strobing me into submission with their dan flavin-inspired light show to notice that i wasn't singing along.

one of TPC's openers was the mighty Meligrove Band, who i'd heard about exactly zero times before this show. they're the kind of band that i'm genetically designed to like: spazzy, start-stop guitars; pounding drums; and *gulp* singalong choruses. truly, an embarrassment of riches. and they're from CANADA, which, i don't have to tell you... +2 indie points. "Our Love Will Make the World Go 'Round" is from their new album Planets Conspire, which is pretty great throughout.

i found Foals on eMusic and my friend gabe's band Roma Condor even opened for them at rock n roll hotel, but i bailed after RC because i was exhausted and it was a weeknight and i ain't as young as i used to be. man am i biting my fist now. their new album, Antidotes (where you can find "Red Sox Pugie"), is aces. it's bleak, but upliftingly dancy at the same time. it's definitely got a strong post-punk influence, which i'm an absolute sucker for.

that's it for now. i'll try to keep this space filled with... whaddayacallit... content.

and then i found five dollars.

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The DP said...

I bet the web is full of one offs like this.